#CathayPacific #國泰航空公司 #AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong #香港 | #Sevens2019 seeing you with #EggWaffles #Tea, #Mahjong in Nobody does #RugbySevens like #HongKong…..


In Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong, no one does it better than Cathay Pacific Airways in Hong Kong for the Rugby Sevens 2019, in which at Hong Kong Stadium From 5th to 7th April 2019… in that Cathay Pacific Airways comes with a special edition package including the three day events ticket with Hotel Accommodation with extra shopping discounts with other perks that’s implied with terms and conditions..  in which you can book at your localised Cathay Pacific Office or via CathaPacific.com or via App travel site..

As counting down towards one of many largest parties in Hong Kong’s calendar is the return of the Hong Kong Sevens for 2019, in which no one can party has hard as Hong Kong can… in which Cathay Pacific Airways counting down with various iconic cultural heritages of Hong Kong in which is the Internationally famous Hong Kong Egg Waffles or in this case looks like rugby balls..  That are made with the ingredients of egg among with a waffle pancake mixture then press into an egg array pan.. Been fried pan fresh it looks like eggs on a wrap in which you can have a snack… Or with desert with various ice creams … common found in the streets food stalls-stores of Hong Kong……

Tea is also one of China’s and Hong Kong Iconic beverages, in which Chinese tea in various flavourings invented in China as for medical purposes then transcended into everyday life as a traditional wellness drink for everyday life..  One place where you can find it is through of having Yum Char…  Sharing the Teas, having meetings with friends, or work colleagues… also it doesn’t require any milk or sugar..

Mahjong is one of China’s, Hong Kong past time also its traditional played like a card game, also its an iconic heritage that’s has it beginnings from the Qing Dynasty in which is a game of skill, strategy, tactics, with a high degree of chance probably.. That involves three or four players..  also it helps to form rugby tactics to win that game..

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