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On 8th December 2018 CNSA launched a Long March 3B to study the darkside of the moon with a Cute lunar Rover Change4..

On an Eighth December 2018, in the early Morning Saturday, launching from Xichang Satellite Launch center, in Sichuan Province- China from one of many of CNSA – China National Space Administration launch complexes… in which on the early hours of 0223 Morning Beijing time, it launched on the Reliable Long March 3B Carrier Rocket … in which that the Lunar Rover is been delivered towards the moon’s dark side, in which a previous communications satellite relay package mission has been sent  early this year in which it was launch on 21st May 2018, on a an reliable Long March 4C configuration Carrier Rocket…  in which creating a communications relay back to the CNSA’s Communications network towards it respective centres .. For the Belt and Road Initiative science organisations with Netherlands, Germany, Sweden also Saudi Arabia..

The Change4 Lunar Rover Probe is design like a rover explorationally mobile unit, in which its design as a very low receiving frequency astronomically Radio observatory, with various installations onboard  to procure, data analysis information by surveying the lunar landscape, also study various materials, chemical compositions within the surface..  Also to study Neutron radiation levels also Neutral Atoms …

In that prior mission on 21st May 2018 it was preparations towards a later mission to Launch Chang’e 4 Lunar Probe that would land on the Dark Side of the moon in which Earth’s Moon Luna is Tidally Lock one side is constant facing Earth the other side is not due to the Earth’s history it slowly gradually stop the Moons rotation..

The preparationally work Launching towards the Dark side of the moon in which to establishment of communication with Queqiao- Known as the Magpie Bridge in which namely relating to the Jin Dynasty story with Cowhearder and Weaver girl in which the Magpie forms a Milky way bridge to  have the lovers to meet together …..  In which is the same way for making that communications relay point with the other side of the moon with Earth… in which Chang’e is the name of the Luna goddess in which relates towards the Mid-Autumn festival…..  in which related to a time in Imperial China History where there was massive famine where it was the weather environment was so unbearable to live in which it relates to it was so hot it felt like ten suns had heated up on Middle Kingdom –China in which a General whom Archery skills where unmatched that he fired his arrows towards nine suns therefore reducing the hot environment…after the events the Archer General Hou Yi was given the  elixir of immortality in which apparent someone was tempting to steal the elixir then Hou Yi wife intervene by eating the pill then she ascend towards the night sky toward the moon with.. in Hou Yi paid tribute to his wife with many offerings to her during the Mid-Autumn festival..

On 8th December 2018 CNSA launched a Long March 3B to study the darkside of the moon with a Cute lunar Rover Change4..

It is the first time that CNSA has sent a lunar rover towards the other side of the moon, also it’s the first time a Space agency has done so… Chang’e four Lunar Rover is the advance version of also its was currently a backup rover to its older sisters… Landing on the far side of the moon, is the proposal Von Karman Crater, with the flat basin Chang’e four mission profile is to measure the lunar surface temperature over during its mission duration, to measure the various chemicals and material compositions on that side of the moon… also the rover acts like a radio astronomy in low frequencies also cosmic ray structure identification or solar weather Coronal Mass Ejection observation between the Sun and Earth..

In which with this mission experience there’s another sister on her way towards the moon in Change5 lunar Rover with a returnable sample launcher spacecraft module in which Change5 Lunar Rover Launch is expected to be launch by 2020.. in which it’ll Data procurement role will be more expansive than her current sister Change4, with more experiments installations onboard to study the Lunar landscape more closely..

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