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On Star Wars May the fourth, Friday 2018 night time, in which it recently CNSA – China National Space Administration launched from Sichuan Province Xichang Satellite Launch Center, launch from on a very flight worthy reliable Long March 3B Carrier Rocket in which the launch successfully launched without any issues arising…

CGTN- CNSA China National Space Administration #國家航天局 | LongMarch3B APSTAR-6C Satellite Launching for An innovative #HongKong Telecommunication’s company …..

Launching from Xichang Satellite Launching with the Long March CZ 3B/E Carrier Rocket into its payload into position of one hundred and thirty four degrees east… APSTAR-6c is built on a CAST – China Academy of Space Technology DFH-4 design heritage in which it communications installments with forty five transponders in C, Ku also Ka bands in the provisionments of delivery of high velocity transponder servicements of High Velocities VSAT of visual distribution, DTH, with Cellular, mobile broadband Applications.   Previously on early this year on seventh January 2018, the APSTAR-6C was performance tested in preparations for the launch in TVAC-  Dynamics Test and Thermal Chamber also the it’s communications equipment in China Academy of Space Technology’s CAST- CATR- Compact Antenna Test Range during the February’s testing calendar..  In readiness for the innovations APSTAR Hong Kong New Territories Telecommunications Company..  To provide a APSTAR series nine satellite fleet in providing communications range towards seventy five percent of the planet Earth’s population.. With DTH- Direct To Home, Maritime and aeronautical mobile servicements…

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