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When I first look at the Temptress, Tempest Class, in which is class as Patrol Escort, in which looking at the ship, with is smaller frame of size it’s more agile that the heavy Tactical Escort carriers like the Armitage, Alita , Akria, Thunderchild, classes of that variant.. In which are larger vessels of that type in which gives them an overall advantage over larger heavier vessels…… of being medium least in size… Which speed with swift attacks will be an advantage as to likes of the Defiant….

The overall Tempest has nostalgic look with the main hull engineering like a world war two fighter aircraft fuselage with saucer as its primary wings like a Douglas Aircraft DC three with a supersonic look nose, in most ways to get an advantage is to look at the ships customisation, in giving her a different tailoring look will give you an additive advantage how the ship moves in combat too..

Overall the ship is a Tactical vessel in which you can lacing the weapons consoles with a mixture of cannons, turrets, torpedoes to accessories with to some interesting deceptive moves to cover all sides of the vessel due to the high maneuverability it has with close range combat, in weaken your opponents shields down then going for more hulling, vessel system failure..

Your Temptress, known as the Tempest Class, is classed as a Blockade, Patrol escort aswell in which it has a universal weapons console, the a Nadion Saturation device, in which they will received injuries your opponents in massive way in one series wide angled direction which very similar to a Heavy Tactical Escort carriers to Universal Point Defence system console but very limited firing angled range..

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