#StarTrekOnline| #StarTrek – 30th year anniversary- The Next Generation- your very cute Type Seven Shuttle ….

Currently it’s the 30th year Anniversary of Star Trek –The Next Generation in which it aired thirty years ago with that Iconic Classic Starship also one Type seven Shuttle. In which was introduce into the service of 2364, in which they were introduce as part of the Galaxy, Nebula Class fleet’s auxiliary vessel…

The Type seven is basically a short to medium range shuttle.. In which it has a warp drive system installed into its propulsion package… Orthough it’s lightly armed but in game that leaves for you discretion to arm with what accessories you seeks fit. The standard comes with minimal defence systems with only deflector dish systems with basic shields…. Only with two forward weapons types of your choosing and skillsets.. With one Ensign Universal, and Ensign Engineering… as basically it’s a Tactical and Engineering shuttle..

Interior which it comes with one helm, navigation stations with the combinations of science and engineering. The interior seating is Spartan, with room to customized to the mission specifications of type.

As the Type seven, becomes in diverse in being utilized throughout Starfleet, also on outposts of the United Federation of Planets it becomes the standard equip one of many mode of auxiliary vessels.. Until it was supersede by the larger Roundabout, then the Yellowstone variant types shuttles..

The 30th year anniversary Star Trek Next Generation Type Seven Shuttle- based specifications- Via Star Trek online……

Hull Modifier: 0.55

Shield Modifier: 0.5

Weapons: 2 Fore

Device Slots: 1

Turn Rate: 22

Impulse Modifier: .22

Inertia: 100

Consoles: 1 Tactical, 2 Engineering, 0 Science

Bridge Officer Stations: Ensign Universal, Ensign Engineering

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