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As the development goes with the next Stage in Los Angeles- California Science Center for the OV-105- Space Shuttle Endeavour exhibition has it’s currently housed in a temporary exhibition museum housing  structure in which previously its space Flight certified Space Shuttle External Tank also a pair of four Segment Solid Rocket Fuel Boosters..  In which will be housed in a full stack launched positioning enclosed glass structure…

As also with other various exhibitions recently new installed new seven story screen IMAX Theatre, in which as currently installing the next generation of Immersive IMAX theaters in using lasers projection to create visually enrich experiences of bringing Ultra High Definition with a real world texturing with brightest, clearest and vibrate images that haven’t been brought out onscreen on with traditional projectors.. giving it sharpest images  with the blend of the laser lights collaboration in blending those colours creating those moving images with the immersive  sounds of Integration with IMAX’s Next Generation 12 Channel Surround crystal sound systems in which brings you into the environment as sound brings you into the story of motion picture..

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