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During the next developments, there were a few intricate features with Star Citizen, in which the newest introduction is Character Facial recognition…. In which traditional like Star Trek Online as you Voice Chat in game your character mouth speaks expressively with you as you speak in voice chat…

Star Citizen does one thing innovatively, steps further in creating live facial expressions with your in game character with FaceWare Technologies in which uses your standard webcam or its in house face ware facial recognition camera to find key points facially, then transpose your facial expressions onto your character streaming it live interaction with you facial movements so bringing an extra layer of players immersion, as this immersion is call FOIP- Face Over Internet Protocol….

As this FOIP, develops, your facial expressions is stream live at  60FPS, in which with the software inbuilt into the game will capture your facial expressions and voice translating it live into your game character.. With translating your real movements of your eyes, head also this is applied to your piloting the cockpit of your spacecraft without the aid of extra computer peripherals in the game’s Eco system…

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