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On in between the oncoming Monday midnight of onwards till the morning of Seventh to Eighth- Tuesday of August 2017 in which there was a partial eclipse over in Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong.. In which the Hong Kong Space Museum did a live webcast of the event…  During the event the moon is undergoing through a Partial Luna Eclipse in which it’s shadowed only to twenty five percent of the earth shadow during the six hour event as it reach onwards till 0230 hours in the morning in where Earth’s Umbra in where a Maximum eclipse is reached in viewing in between south towards the southwest towards so in which the one of the best locations to look within the city is at Tism Sha Shui or at Victoria Peak given that there are some interesting dark sheltering spots to view the event… as towards the next Lunar Eclipse event in Hong Kong it’ll be on 31st January 2018 in which will be a Total Lunar Eclipse..

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