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After spending crawling out Cheung Po Tsai Cave, also feeling, sensing this one of the caves that he hid his portion of the fortune in beside hiding the rest, also carrying another portion among with him to Peking after when he receiving, gracefully accepting an appointment with the Qing Dynasty Government in protecting the naval waters of the South China Sea, in which still his turf, but it was a bold move to protect his interest also theirs …..

After walking down the hill, heading towards the corner community store that waits for some refreshments… resting in looking at the Cheung Chau’s shoreline in looking how each shoreline would’ve given him the very strategic advantage of using the natural environments.. Has the Cheung Chau’s hill side coastal side… walking down the coastal line from Cheung Po Tsai Cave.. Down towards the Coastal walk way find that sitting bench where Wong Tai Mui- Grace Chan and Cheung Po Tsai- Tony Huang sat as both were catching up, also how and wondering where did all his treasures in that cave all go after visiting the cave with Wong Tai Mui…

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Having walking downwards to the Cheung Chau Pier, noticing that the local community was getting ready for the Dragon Boat races, as they marked out the pontoons platforms as they began lowering their boats from the crane from the walkway, one by one…  in getting ready for some training., in which is called the Tuen Ng Festival. In which there Dragon boat races sits this year on 30th May 2017, in between ten in the morning towards four and half in the afternoon Hong Kong Time, where the Cheung Chau Typhoon Shelter is..  In where in Hong Kong there are least ten Dragon Boat races that going around the month of May…

The Origin of the Dragon boat race dates back least two thousand years ago.. in where one case there was a Chinese Poet – Qu Yaun.. Whom drown himself in the Mi Luo River…. In which the local people try to search and rescue him but to no avail so during the search and rescue the villages went on beating drums on the race to find him, then started to drop food in the river to divert the attention of fishes eating his body in which one food item is rice dumplings- sticky rice- wrapped in lotus or banana leaves, in which the leaves gives it additional aromic flavour..

香港 #AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong- Adventuring without a blue box-TARDIS | Cheung Chau- Cheung Po Tsai Cave – Treasure cave...... Photographer @KevinJamesNg 2016

香港 #AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong- Adventuring without a blue box-TARDIS | Cheung Chau- Cheung Po Tsai Cave – Treasure cave…… Photographer @KevinJamesNg 2016

Walking back down towards the Cheung Chau Pier among this section of the waterfront from the Cheung Po Tsasi’s cave… has a stretch of storages of various aged to new Dragon boats, some dated in which you could tell by the worn conditions of the boat also the Dragon head’s worn paint also there wear and tear… as I walk down, Dragon boat racing is far more intense than watching Rugby or soccer.. it has history.. a massive long history.. Orthough China co-invented Soccer among with the Persians back in the Tang Dynasty days between 618 to 907 AD..

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