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On 19th January 2017 moments soon, on a “ULA- Untied Launch Alliance” bound to be launched from Space Launch Complex SLC- 41 Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida. is the United States Air force of their Next Generation of Early Warning systems.. That Next Generation of Early Warning system is the Space-Based Infrared Systems (SBIRS) GEO-3…… The Launch window opening for the launch is from 19.46 hours Eastern Standard Time, in regarding to that the live broadcast commences at the broadcasting time at 19.26 hours Eastern Standard Time…

The carrier rocket for the Lockheed Martin SBIRS-GEO 3 is an Atlas V Rocket in the 401 Configuration…. In which consisting one main Atlas V rocket, with a secondary stage Centaur Rocket, it’s interesting that there’s no additional Solid Rocket Boosters- SRB’S…. unlikely that this payload is very much lighter than the other previous launches..

The Payload itself, the Space-Based Infrared Systems (SBIRS) GEO-3, is a partaking of several of its sisterly networks of early warning systems satellites… in which one of its many mission assignments specifications is to provide the highest degrees of gathering reconnaissance information on missile warnings, missile defence, technical intelligence also Battle Awareness readiness…   its systems co exist dependence system, provides that critical readiness information too its control station at Buckley Air forces base, in Colorado…. As one of the systems, its Infrared it’s scans the surface of the planet, scans for unusual heat anomalies of any detected launches from the ground up in progress… Its systems are built to be durable to nuclear shielding of the electronics, also the design of the SBIRS design is quite modular in which there’s more room for evolving with additional components also Its communications systems is design to operate in the toughest conditions..  one thing it can alter its mission parameters of intelligence gather with its small built in Thrusters therefore to accomplish various task…. The SBIRS as a payload it’s adaptable universal towards various carrier rockets the Atlas, Deltas, also the Space X Falcon…  All in all hope that weather is favourable on that Launch date.. as latterly will be adjoined with its sisters GEO-five and six..

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