#SPACEX – FALCON NINE REUSABLE | #Iridium-1 NEXT – a series of one out of seven launches – counting down to with the live webcast…

On 14th January 2016 from the west coast of California Time, for the first time in a while “Space X” will resume commerce of its launch calendar from Vandenberg Air Force Base from SLC-4 Space Launch complex four.. The Launch window begins at between 0539:39 Morning and 1754:39 hours in the late afternoon… As the launch begins the first stage reusable Falcon nine will make its attempted template textbook first stage landing on an off shore landing barge drone ship that will be located in the Pacific Ocean “Just Read Me Instructions” also another live hosted of the Space X -iridium-one webcast is available here

The mission specifications for the launch is a series of missions in regarding to the Iridium-one- NEXT, in which this launch payload is consistent with ten Iridium next generation global communications Satellites,  in which the ten deployed payload satellites piggy backing on one secondary stage deployed one hour after launch in low earth orbit.. Consisting of the next generation innovatively, multi-platform service communications systems in which will delivery of extremely faster velocities of and higher data bandwidths in voice, and data communications….

As this is the first out of seven contracted launches for Space X – Falcon Nine as each launch consisted for in units of ten as the main provider partnership is iridium and Thales group…..

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