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 As of the last few days after Hurricane Mathew in which cause so much catastrophic damage in path, also its expected path was also on Cape Canaveral in which “NASA –Kennedy Space Center” in the moment in preparation of oncoming hazard Hurricane con level one is , NASA-KSC in which was shut down for a few days till the onslaught of Hurricane Mathew have pasted… in which emergency crews hunkered down, while assessing the situation from Emergency Operations Control center  at complex 39 while the rest of NASA-KSC staff was ordered to be sent home for safety..

Over the course of the Hurricane, as it pasted, the Kennedy space center have sustain some moderate damages to its installation, buildings  roofs, including among with massive piles of littering around, a few down power lines with water intrusion also with some environmental damages like the  beach shore lines..


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