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As in during the production of filming “Doctor Strange” Doctor Steven Strange with the lead Benedict Cumberbatch-BBC-Sherlock-Star Trek Into Darkness, was filming in remote areas of countries, Nepal also many other exotic locations of Asia.. As during the production of Doctor Strange.. The cast and crew saw the need to assist, help out those children in need in getting the resources for Education also facing challengers in life struggles  in which they shouldn’t be unnecessary in..  So Marvel, the cast and crew whom work on many Marvel stories, films, television, comics were so generously humble by the many fans that they met in life, they launched a charity event in “MARVEL STUDIOS -HERO ACTS” in which up towards the through 31st December 2016 Marvel will donate 5USD to every fan whom up loads a photo of heroes in favorite heroine, hero poses towards the Save The Children Fund in helping children in that very need.. also each time when you pose, with a hashtag #HEROACTS…… also think DC Comics should do the same..

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