#NASA –KENNEDY SPACE CENTER |#HURRCON1- shutdown for the time being due to Hurricane Mathew..

As of yesterday at “NASA –Kennedy Space Center” is currently shutdown for the time being, due the oncoming Hurricane Mathew that’s bearing towards the lower east coast of Florida, of the United States.. Closed down for the time being in between 1300 hours EDT on 5th as towards 7th October 2016…… currently NASA-KSC has issued a HurrCon One meaning that the direction of the Hurricane Mathew is impending ….

 As of early hours  last night the completion of hurricane preparations at NASA-KSC was fully utilized, as staff was sent homewardly, as also a stationary crew, the Damage Assessment and Recovery Team is standing by to recover and asses what needs to be done after wind levels have drop below the 50 Knots level. As the Hurricane Mathew tropically storms force winds with expectations towards later this evening following the hurricane winds on initially Friday mornings at 0600 hours EDT.. Also The Kennedy Space Center visitor complex is closed for the time being as well till a reopening on 8th or 9th October 2016..……

 However a team of 139 personal from the Kennedy Space Center ride out crew located in Emergency Operations Control Center in Launch control Center at Complex 39 is there to be on standby for the duration of the Path of the Hurricane Mathew to assess what needed to be done.. As it prepares for the tropical force strong winds begins effective hitting the Cape Canaveral tonight as  it braces for the Hurricane on Friday  morning then riding it out wards to its decline expecting  at 1600 hours EDT Friday afternoon.. Currently the storm winds peaks up towards 125 Mph-201 Kph towards wind gust of 150Mph-241Kph….

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