MARVEL- CAPTAIN AMERICA | celebrating the 75th year Anniversary “I’m Just a Kid from Brooklyn……. “

During this year’s Comic Con in San Diego 2016, or thou it was a massive 50th year Anniversary event for “Star Trek” it was also the 75th year Anniversary celebration year for a Kid from Brooklyn, That Kid From Brooklyn from the streets of a World War two era is we now known today is Steve Rogers, also known as Captain America.. The guy whom fights for the little guy for no matter what…

In that 75th year Anniversary, in preparation for “Comic Con San Diego”, “Marvel” went on designing a 13 foot statute (four Meters tall) in figuring out what the statue would look like, in which taking from various elements of over the years of his stories from comics, animations series also from the movies series then they come up taking up a sketch then transposing onto what Steve Rogers-Captain America would look like in real life over several decades..  Then sculpting onto the computer, molding the design onto creating a smaller bronze statue before taking in task on creating the four meter tall version to be display at the Marvel stand, in which casting in bronze give the statue a different light in creating and capturing the imagination of the fans.. ..

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