CNSA- China National Space Administration 2016 | unveils its new Martian probe design..

As “NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration has been robotically colonizing the Planet Mars since 1967 in exploration, researching the rusty red orange planet also in preparation of manned, also outposting colonization mission to Mars…… “CNSA- China National Space Administration” has been doing partaking on researching the planet Mars fifteen light minutes ago back in time…  in which this week revealing it’s Martian Rover in akin learnt design to the Jade Rabbit- Yutu in which has gained researching the Moon Luna for thirty one months before expiring in which given CNSA a much more learning experience into building the next set of rovers..  The CNSA Martian rover is set out in three designs components, in which expected launch window is 2020, the orbiter that will provide a relay communications relays between Earths and Mars, the second is the landing Martian communications lander module in which contain the rover the same designing elements as the NASA Martian Partnerships Rovers MER- Mars Exploration Rovers like as to the recent Curiosity, spirit and opportunity… it should be interesting to see what type of rocket used or new variants in launching on that launch 2020 calendar….

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