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“My name is Zoe……..I think we can help each other….. “ Agent  Zoe Winters

Given that you love the “Fast and Furious” series.. Given that you’ve always been on the run on from the Racers’ perspective then what if the roles were switch from the cop’s perspective like from Bryan O’Conner- the late Paul Walker, Monica Fuentees- Eva Mende also Luke Hobbs-Dwayne Johnson…As you live in a “ The Crew”  MMORPG world of this driver’s Too Fast and Furious world as you on the side of the law also gets to work your way through on customizing your ride as the Racers do as you are pulled from the Racers side into the investigative side recruited by an very intriguing attractive  FBI officer, name Zoe Winters.. every deep undercover in the streets in the racing street scene, that her handlers are corrupt that she has step up her game also  … that she believes “ I think we can help each other….. “ as you Alex Taylor helps out to bring down an organization from coast to coast in a Fast and Furious storyline premise…

As you- Alex and Zoe clear your name, as you experience more into the storyline in the game play you level up in your skillset in which you unlock, earn points in customizing the vehicles that you acquire in West Cost customs feel   ..  In this you get to increase gain experience in developing your skillsets in climb, escape, following, jump, precision, scramble, slalom, and the need for speed…. With utilizing that gained experience skillset doing missions teaming up with other drivers out there to do follow, Takedown, outrun, race, collecting also the getaway..  Then this is for you if you have a Mia Toretto, Brain O’Conner, and Dominic Toretto in you… as Expansion Cops versa Racer is available on 29th November 2016…..

 But one thing important drive safely in the real world open road…!!


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