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When you in construction of making that set for your next production, either for stage or for studio stage set building….. Also when the actual material for construction like for making a stone wall becomes expensive for the budget required.. So what do you do..?  Well one thing is to become creative…. One way is to used  pallet wood where finding pallet wood is inexpensive…  when broken then glued with a strong adhesive  onto a massive back wall in like a sorted out brick manner.. Then wait for the glue to dry. Once Dry mix basic white based paints with black to create that undertone grey with sand to give that painted rocky stone texture look… like for when the crew set building for a “New Zealand Web Series AFK… “

Once the undertone dries up… Then paint with a watered down brown paint to paint in-between… The broken grey wood pallets is then heavily textured with the sand, and dirt to give an extra layer of timely worn rubbing it onto the grey board then spraying it with adhesive glue to hold the worn dirt onto the board then apply the same process with the in creating more layers with a bit of greens to give a moss growth.. also make sure the other panel walls have the same continuous texturing

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