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For the serious collector in movie replica props, this is one company whom is making those props to the nearest exact detail of replicating props from the “Star Wars – The force Awakens” as one company ANVOS does so, does the other “PropShop” in which they produced the highest quality detail props, in using the latest 3D Printing technology to print and replicated the actual props from the movie in which the props get scanned, digitally then manipulated composited, then 3D Printed painted later.. The various props ranging from Darth Vader’s melted helmet, FN-2187 Stormtrooper helmet, Kylo Ren helmet, and Poe Dameron X-wing helmet..  Among other props that they produced is Chewbacca, Bowcaster, two lightsabres Rey’s, and Kylo’s also Rey’s Staff…  Orthough the quality shows in the detail through its pricing…

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