SPACE SHUTTLE Endeavour | OV 105 final flight tested external fuel tank arrives in LA….


On clear fine day on Los Angeles,  on 21st May 2016 the one route path of Los Angeles was closed down from Marina del Rey’s Harbour after a nineteen hour trip through the streets of LA, to Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum where It was store temporary to make way for the final stages of massive display at the “ California Science Centre” with a full stack, with the pair of solid rocket boosters, the external fuel tank with the Shuttle Endeavour joined together in which they vertically where it would seeming like if was prime up for relaunch at Kennedy Space Center in Florida..  in the new wing of the Samuel Oschin Pavilion…

California Science center – Samuel Oschin Pavilion…wing for the Space Shuttle Endeavour exhibit

The journey started from a forty one day journey from “NASA” Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans in which they tooled, manufactured external fuel Tanks for the Space Shuttle program… in which is now retooled for the Space Launch System for the return to the moon, and onwards to Mars beyond, in which the transportation of External Tank number 94, travelled by ocean through the Panama channel to Los Angles Marina del Rey..

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