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As Star trek online, is on its awarding sixth year anniversary, celebrating those years previously there was a ship in construction in dry dock in Utopia Planitia Fleet yards orbiting around the Planet Mars….. Building that first Odyssey Class 1.2 Kilometers long Starship and a more in service, in that dry dock one name stands out above the rest it’s the USS Enterprise F the seventh ship to bear that flagship name..

As outline of the three variants of the “Star-Odyssey class variant Cruisers”.

As shown in the outline of “Ships of the Line” by Starfish1 also it’s best to turn up the resolution and sound…….

The Sojourner, an operations ship.. is very heavy in engineering ship.. it has more Universal Bridge officer stations seating in regards to the Engineering .. so with five Engineering consoles, you can add more hulling to your ship.. its Universal Console is Adaptive Emergency Systems..

The Yorktown- Science.. It’s more science and engineering centric with four science consoles, with more science bridge stations seating in which you can maximized your shielding and hulling at the same time while still concentrate on fire power..  Its universal console is Dampening wave emitter..

The Endeavour – Tactical.. The four tactical console shows its tactical centric notion it means business.. As it features more Tactical bridge stations seating… as with four Tactical and Engineering..  Featuring a universal console the Flagship Tactical Computer..

In a way, it’s best to get the three so you try out and fits what’s best to your skillset and abilities, also the extra universal consoles that it provides you with an extra advantage..


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