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During 24th April 2016 New Zealand time.. when the FA Cup semi-finals are on, there’s a very important” Doctor Who” reveal to whom might be the new Doctor Companion after he’s been traveling on this own for quite some time after the episode of “Hell’s Bent” on where  we see Clara- Jenna Coleman and Me-Maisie Williams left off into another Journey into another faulty type 40- the Diner in where he met maybe for a while of River Song -Alex Kingston before she’s sets out in the getting qualify as the Professor and then the library incident where she met her husband the tenth Doctor-David Tennant ….

In this it leads to some intriguing clues both the Doctor and his new Companion are running. In alternative steps as the scene is focusing on those shoes, Doctors Peter Capaldi’s Doc Martins and, a very late teenage girl’s or in her 20’s fashionable pale white blue sneakers boots… sometimes the Shoes do show the person’s personally if you thinking like the BBC’s Sherlock.. So who do you think it is, who do think whom is cast as the New Doctor’s Companion in the running scene.. ?

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