Traveling through time and space & Doing timey wimy stuff.

After swimming out through some sections of corridors, and entering into the main console room with this old guy, whom seems very lifeless… passing the console looking that the room core has been totally stable now.. For some time after I’ve entered into this some box, whom is looking very ill in all the wrong places.. My first thought is first get this old guy out of here, Swimming out from the box.. Then looking through the lake pond water top, with a flickering balcony light halo that laminated the inside darkness of the pond, beside the burning not so lit ambering glow from the box.  Heading towards that light, swimming towards it using it like a guide as I reached towards the surface of the pond.. Then with one large inhale of air… Refilling, recharging my lungs… As I still got hold of this old guy… As I swam to the pavement stoned edge of the pond, then dragging him out, as I placed him in a recovery position, opening his mouth, opening it out then forcing the water out., checking if anything was lodge in throat.. Nothing.. Then noticing there was some puncture burn marks on jacket, then his shirt then his where his heart should be, this does not look good, no pulse from this heart.  Putting my ear to this old guys wounded chest, hearing, finding his heart, nothing… putting, placing him into a recovery position. Then attempting CPR on him, trying to restart his heart, pumping his chest.. Massively repeatedly … Then trying hailing his lungs, his heart, over a course of hour or so.. Still no luck.. Whom is this guy… have I met him before.. Don’t’ thing so… then how come I remember that library which seeming unchanged all those years ago…?

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