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Given that the battle between Katniss and Snow have ended in “The Hunger Games” also Team Katniss have won the battle against snow,  with an epic conclusion in that you can experience that conclusion in New York where it’s featured in the Discovery Times Square… “The Hunger Games Exhibition” features the life of Katniss Everdeen, with the exploration of behind the scenes of props in technologies that goes in making the Hunger Games trilogy.

It also it features with the costumes, props, sets with interactives that shows the storylines of Katniss and her team in seeking to find her sister, and defeating President Snow as a part of the interactive it as a stunt coordinator  Choreography   installation show you the moves that  Katniss does.. it features the stories of District 12, the Tribute Train, the Capitol also has you travel in between zones in making the games in with District 13, you’ll follow your journey with Katniss ( Jennifer Lawrence)  ..  The Exhibition is located at 226 West 44th Street In Between 7th and 8th Avenues.. About opposite of Schubert Alley …

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