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If you wondering what goes behind the amazing scenes of the Brilliant “Taylor Swift” 1989 Tour like the awesome Red album tour with constant innovating given the fans with each night a fresh new show ..  In this, Taylor’s tour is everso constant innovating fresh with every night also we see the from keeping the crew fed with on wheels  gourmet kitchens with keeping check on every catering needs of staff on the go as if I was a production set on keeping the crew’s energy up..

As part of the production of the 1989 world tour, props, costumes are an integrated part of the story of the songs, also among the intense design of the sets in bringing out the story of the songs of the 1989 tour… mostly of the props are built from the ground up from the dancers one in particular is the custom on Taylor’s Piano with the metallic ribbons that in implaced in front..  ..

As touring continues it requires leas 150 crew with 27 large heavy trucks, like the Kenworth’s  in the manufacturing of setting up the staging.. Also hiring out local help…  Once the stage is set, massive equipment testing checking before the night, to Stage creation in which the process takes seven months to plan, three months of music, four weeks of stage, ten days of dress rehearsals.. in Pennsylvania  … in this process Taylor in planning, guidance in creating a stage that was customed built for her, featuring a catwalk like the Red Album tour, that was design to be close to fans as much as possible..  One thing it should be interesting what her next Album tour would look like knowing it the next is going to be Awesomely Brilliant as she is…

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