HONG KONG TVB | Cheung Po Tsai – Captain of Destiny…. Watch out Captain Jack Sparrow this guy Legend. !


Watch out Captain Jack Sparrow… there’s a new Pirate in town but he’s Chinese.. In which” Cheung Po Tsai” is premise is set during the late part of the time of the Ching Dynasty (1644- 1912)… in which the Ching Emperor of Imperial China just recently surrendered Hong Kong to the British to stop them from advancing..  The Story goes based on an legendary Chinese Pirate King, this name is Cheung Po Tsai, in which speaks out the story premise of the series.. in which is to date his vast fortunes of treasures he and his valiant fleet  hid in one of the Hong Kong Islands  and yet to be found..

The storyline is when the lead Hero character a female Officer in the Hong Kong Police when out to investigates then pulled in back in time and finding herself in the that period between the very fresh conflict with the Imperial China and the British Empire as the conflict subsides from the opium war.. in this the female officer become in broil romancing  between Cheung Po Tsai and the Ching Admiral who as she tries to sort this time period out… in this series construction it focus on more strong characters and their storylines scripted…

The series is produced by “Hong Kong TVB” with a strong team of CGI production team whom do the post production works like how Game of Thrones is produced… The adventuring series ” Cheung Po Tsai ” screens on 21th September 2015…………………………!

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