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As the “Doctor Who” season nine The Magician’s Apprentice premiere Today on the 19th September  2015,  with this season with a Darker season than the previous, as the Doctor becomes his War Doctor self in saving his Companion Clara (Jenna Coleman) also that Includes Missy (Michelle Gomez)..  In this, fans cosplay come along to the New York Screening Premiering of the Magician’s Apprentice hosted by Michelle Gomez the now favourite old school tormenting friend of the Doctor knowing as the Master now Missy did an Questioning, Answering and stories to fans on the panel … dangerous dark episode where it explains the first hand connection of the Doctor and Davros, the Boy he tried to save with compassion, in flight after he heard the Boy’s name later on summoning him. as Clara and Missy follow with the Doctor to a deadly dire trap thought to be a Hospital but known as Skaro. ..


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