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As “Disney” opens up its largest store opens up in Shanghai on Wednesday this month next to the city’s Landmark” Oriental Pearl TV tower”, covering 900 square meters the store covers every single Disney Marvel mechanizes in every corner of the store with massive indoor displays that covers every Disney Marvel production available from Frozen Elsa and Anna of Arendelle to the Marvel’s Avengers..   During the opening selling its limited edition of Mickey and Minnie Mouse soft dolls with its own limited edition ….given it’s one per customer…. Also giving the store’s opening it caters with fashion accessories as with jewellery and Smart phone cases in which is among with the thousands of products in the store in which are limited editions..

As this Shanghai store is the largest, it’s also it’s contemporary to the expected Shanghai’s Disneyland in which is expected to open in the early quarters of the 2016 year… In which this should be interesting to how it’s going to complete with the Hong Kong Disneyland in which is near another attraction as “Oceans Park” ….

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