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During the months of early April Auckland, New Zealand, of between the late night heading to the early parts of the morning of fourth to the Fifth of April… The moon Luna blushed with red, as Earth cast its shadow onto the Moon…  as during the very late night entering into midnight you could see Earth’s shadow casting as seen in the Backyard of the ” Stardome- Auckland Observatory “.. also with the Edith Blackwell Winstone Telescope… . As it held the observation event also with online stream with the other stream observation from “Griffith Observatory” from Los Angeles in conjunction with “Slooh Observatory”

During that night onwards till early hours in the morning, with the crowds of Audiences from the Planetarium shows gathered around, also other’s whom just Drop by to view the never seen again event in that moment of time … the crowds assemble in viewing the event from weather wise surprising clear weather unlike the previous that had been cloudy in the past as the presenters directed of what they’ve seen in the Planetarium into the real night sky.. Then directed the crowds into view of the Telescopes operated by the wonderful volunteers whom braved the nightly morning cold..


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