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AIRBUS 380 | Etihad Airways – the construction of a flagship carrier…




On the year 2014’s third quarterly… “An Abu Dhabi Airliner based – Etihad Airways“ ordered an “Airbus 380”.. as that construction takes form a head of  production schedule.. for the delivery in December 2014, taking its place as a thirteenth operator airline to fly the  “Airbus 380″ in its carrier fleet..

In this, seeing the construction of the  Etihad Airways A380 taking shape. From the parts manufactured from different parts around Europe, the main fuselage, wings the customed already painted tail, putting the pieces of a fully scaled operational A380 together at Airbus’s Toulouse aircraft construction plant in France.. As it takes form with perfect precision…  the Etihad Airways A380 is taken to have its four powerful Rolls Royce Trent 1000 engines…



Once assemble and operationally system tested it’s flown to the Advance paint workshop in Hamburg in Germany… where the A380 is painted with the airliner’s signature background colour with various painted primers underneath.. The main coat then once dried its stencil painted out with various masking to reveal the Etihad Airways livery

Once dried and fully livery, the Etihad Airways A380,  gets customized  gets a massive interior renovation with seating’s luggage compartments with various cabin equipment with immerse luxury even on economy…

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