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thinkgeek- star wars -R2D2 kitchen timer

It’s still wintery over here at the moment, also during those rain or snow in days,  so spending time in the kitchen will help you to keep warm during the weekends spending time baking and cooking..  When it comes to having an old fashion stove without a timer then this everyone’s favorite Astrometric “Star Wars R2D2 Kitchen timer” might do the trick… It’s easy to use and it’s pretty cute… It’s about the size height of a Five inch floppy diskette…  Also comes with a sturdy grip on the surface and it won’t mark it as well.. The maximum timer limit is sixty minutes… Where the counting down is done in one minute intervals… when the time lapse the bell will with a five second alarm you that the timer has elapse it time…. so your cooking or baking is done..


Like to know more where you could get your “Astrometric R2D2 kitchen timer”… From Thinkgeek…?

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