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As you might of exciting guess the premiere of “Doctor Who” season eight just started yesterday on seventh of August with the World tour on Cardiff- Wales with the premiere shown events in which some lucky people got to see the first episode also there was live commentary on BBC Radio Wales live covering the for the first premiere screening “Deep Breath” … during the event it launched Peter Capaldi debutante as the twelfth Doctor whom role is regenerated from Matt Smith…  In which that First Episode where The New Doctor Lands in the episode of “Deep Breath” on 23th of August 2014….

The “Doctor who world tour” will be coming around in that “Doctor who-world tour” seven cities beginning in the month of August the seventh 2014, the same month that the Season eight when the “the doctor lands” starts from that time from Trenzalore..  The tour ends on the nineteenth August in Brazil, in five continents… in twelve days’ worth of touring… …With Peter Capaldi, Jena Coleman also the “Moffat” Steven Moffat …. !!

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