THE FLASH| _ Barry Allen is pretty quick – streaking fast red…?

“My name is Barry Allen.. I’m the fastest man alive… A friend recent gave me a idea for  new name.. It’s going to catch on…”

From the creators of the “Arrow” … There’s a new guy on the block his name is “Barry Allen” (Grant Gustin- Glee) that he’s coming on the CW network, joining his un-expecting mentor the “Arrow –Oliver Queen” crossing over mentoring him of what he could become … Barry Allen will appear in the Fall season of Tuesday.

On “The Flash” Barry Allen is once that still that endeavoring brilliant CSI investigator… whom tries to explainly investigatively of his mother’s mysterious death… on that year when he was eleven then latterly raise by his Father’s best friend  whom taken him in as his own..  Barry’s story is his abilities finding him, given that given lightning gave, from in an invention from the STAR Labs accidentally particle accelerator explosion during a public unveiling…

With the given abilities.. Finding that there’re others –Meta Humans such as him with different degrees in unimaginable abilities whom either use those ablates for good or not…

The series is produced by Bonanza Productions collaborations with Berlanti Productions and Warner Bros. Television, basing on DC characters done with DC Entertainment. Directed by David Nutter

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