THE CREW| never drive alone _like to race and mod your ride…?

If you like the “Fast and furious” movie series, plus drooling over the awesome customizing work of “West Coast Customs” also the “Need for Speed” then you might like “The Crew…” in which is coming out tuned in the calendar month of November 2014…. In this where you  and your team in a MMORPG premise where you get into your chosen selected car or various of your one in your garage to get to tune, modify, customized for some “reckless ride in a  massive open world road environment of the United States….

In this you get to increase gain experience in developing your skillsets in climb, escape, following, jump, precision, scramble, slalom, and the need for speed…. With utilizing that gained experience skillset doing missions teaming up with other drivers out there to do follow, Takedown, outrun, race, collecting also the getaway..  Then this is for you if you have a Mia Toretto, Brain O’Conner, and Dominic Toretto in you…  But one thing important drive safely in the real world open road…!!

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