STAR TREK |AXANAR _ the prelude at the time of Captain Robert April.. ?

“ …. This is the battle that saved the Federation… “

The battle of Axanar is the pinnacle point in time in events that made differences in saving the Federation in between with Klingons war in the far reaching deep borders between the two powers. …. In that battle happen eighty years after the birth of the United Federation of Planets, at that the borders reaches ends in which the USS Ares was out gun in an attack by various D5 and D7 Klingon battle Starships…  after they just visited the Planet.. They totally out defeated the Klingons…. Under the command of Captain Garth of Izar… or known to be Captain Kelvar Leonard Garth..

The also few good things about this series.. One of them is that there are very strong female leads with leading roles…  Such as played by Kate Vernon as Captain Sonya Alexander……as to Captain Christopher Pike’s Female  First Officer .. whom became the Captain of the Enterprise before Kirk..   and other great female Captains such as Captain Catherine Janeway, also to Captain Ezri Dax

Also despite the conclusion that the Federation stood their ground it open up for some negotiations with Chancellor Orak, but in doing so with the table talks, it also gave the Klingon Empire to recover lost ground in the process.. Of time in that historical events it was a required academy reading for the young James T Kirk, reading the Captain Garth accounts in inspire and made him the captain that he is… as he explains in the Episodes of “ Whom Destroy Gods” in his command of the Enterprise..

In this we get to see the a freshly minted USS Enterprise under the command of the Captain Robert April.. is to be the mentor to Captain Garth..

In this prelude we have _The crew of the USS Ares..

–          Captain Kelvar Garth ( Garth of Izar)

–          First officer _Kenji Tanaka

–          Tactical officer _Tara Wanger

–          Intelligence officer  _Lt. Corax

–          Chief Engineer _Alexei Leonov

–          Commander Carter

–          Pilot _Lt Cross

–          Communications officer _Lt. Caine

–          Strategic Operations Officer _Lt. Hyree


Like to know more about you could check their adventures over here Star Trek_ Axanar …?

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