TRANSFORMERS | _rise of the dark spark …something darker than the Matrix…?

As Transformer _Age of Extinction begins to screen on this year of 2014 in a few more weeks on the 27th June, so would the game Transformers _Rise of the Dark spark… will be release on the 24th of June a few days before the episode of “ Age of Extinction” begins following..

There are new characters in this gameplay, such as the favourite T-rex DinoBot, Grimlock, also Drift, also with the game play the classics Optimus Prime, Megatron also with various Autobots and Decepticon characters… As your battle in battle it out in the search of the Dark Spark, akiness to the Matrix of leadership (an ancient dark relic) in between Cybertron and on Earth…. Rise of the Dark Spark is developed, produced by Edge of Reality with Acitivsion whom in the past has produce other in the Transformers franchise such as Transformers_ revenge of the fallen in the prelude to its movie in 2009 to ingame to explain some extra storylines that didn’t featured in the movie as you play as Bumblebee..

The gameplay itself features single and online multiplayer modes in the different combat maps available fighting in each two different factions… As akin to the same type of story gameplay as “Revenge of the Fallen”  gameplay will be availed in PC, PlayStation three, four, also Xbox 360, one, also Wii U…

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