Winter | do the robot _Keeping your feet warm…?

thinkgeek- giant robot slippers

It’s still winter over here, even still at the moment there’s sun outside, but what inside the home is important… And what’s important is to keep your feet warm throughout those wintery months.. Besides wearing your tardis beanie to keep your head warm.. So you have heat lost through you head…

Well one way in keep you warm is having Giant Robot slippers, that is made with warm Polyester fabric, with heavy insulation to trapped those warm air that your body generated.. Also when wearing the slipper boots, you think that you are one big giant Yeager from some Guillermo Del Toro movie, or either some Autobot or Decepticon that’s walking down the hallway..

The boots comes with robot a sound that’s powered by some serious four AA batteries on each slipper, also it comes with an off switch just in case you want to seek onto a Decepticon or some few Kaijus to battle it out…  The robot boots slippers comes in either in adult Ladies and men sizes..

Like to know more where you could get your Giant Robot slippers for the winter… at Thinkgeek..?

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