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A few weeks ago I’ve written a post about the Peter Capaldi’s twelfth Doctor “the new Doctor lands” for the season eight in which will be air in Great Britain BBC one in Autumn August…  As You tuber “John Smith Doctor who Fan made Rain Trailer” made viral… Premising on that the Doctor is in process of finalization of regeneration… Also during the process Clara is nursing him back to whom he was, is, and his previous generation-selves… Has he walks out from the door of the Tardis, and embracing his moments of experiencing new stuff for the first time..

In this breakdown, you’ll see the process taken through various different layers, in various cuts and pastes in from Matt backgrounds with animated digital elements in composition with actual shots in superimpose in CGI modelling of the background and the fore… the various programs were used in making the rain Trailer using various techniques in using Maya, After effects, Premiere and Maddox..


The music in the following visual breakdown, is “the new Doctor” the adventure in space and time.. Also You tuber John Smith can be found here “JohnSmithVFX” ….

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