STAR WARS | beach towels- something for your summer…?

star wars -beach towels


When you thinking heading of the to the beach this summer, or drying you off after you step outside of your shower after a hard day’s work…  these large Star Wars theme towels are your summer answer centric themed on the characters Carbonited Han Solo,  your loveable Astrometric Droid R2-D2, Lord Vader, and the cuddly Wookie Chewbacca..  One good think is given that you have all four makes a great way of individually identifying which is for each one of your member of your family..

The themed towels are quite sizable, at a coveragable size of 59’ by 29’ in which will give you that definite wrap almost twice, and to keep you warm while out form the shores of the beach… like to know more where you could get your Star Wars Beach towels from Thinkgeek?

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