SPACE BATTLESHIP GX-64 | YAMATO 2199- your work desktop distraction..?


Given that you love watching the anime series Space battleship 2199 which featured in 1970’s, also given its recent live movie action version that recently have been played and screened. In a premise of Earth’s life struggle battlement with an alien world in conflict..

This model is done by Tamashii using the 3D modelling graphics from the series to give a highly detail Space Battleship GX-64 series model, also knowing that there are model kit sets that you could assembly your own.. With the lights and sounds.. in this model set is done with Bandai Chogokin Tamashii, featuring with details of LED lights, original Sound effects given the engine, alert, and it’s massive arrays of cannons fire… the attention to detail of colour is brilliant as if it left its drydock..  The length of the ship itself is 16.7 inches so it fits perfectly as a work desktop display distraction… With the remote control which offers even more of a distraction…


Like to know more where you could get your Space Battleship GX-64- Yamato… ?


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