STAR WARS | one Death Star pop art and a manual to get to know it….. ?

Star wars – Death Star LED artwork- Pottery Barn Kids


Given that you love very Large space station then this Death star Pop Art is for you, it’s an photographic illustration of the Death star DS-02 found nearby the Moon Endor, with the fully operation look, while it gives a decoy look still under construction..   the image is ionic as its with small LED’s placed giving it a on or strobe look to give it a more action look when it’s illuminated slight in the night with the LED’s in action the artwork is done with Pottery Barn Kids also it’s 36 inches square digitally printed so it’s great reasonable size canvas to view on…. Also what really goes well with it is the Haynes DS-01 Orbital Battle station Imperial Death star Owner workshop manual so you get to know the Subject of the artwork more intimately….


Like to know more where you get your Death Star LED pop Artwork plus its Owner workshop  manual…?

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