STAR TREK ONLINE | what’s to come on season nine- seen briefly


As season nine approaches in late April, we’ll be seeing  a revamp extreme makeover of Earth Space dock, a more questions been answered from season eight point five,  of the a more centric story arc of Undine threat to infiltrate into the Alpha Quadrant,  to create havoc  with the three factions, The Federation, Klingon Empire, the Romulan Republic..  As they make their way forcefully into using the Solanae and Jenolan Dyson…

I’m gathering that some of the answers will be explained in episode featuring in content in a newly Player vs Environment …  In that we’ll see that the Undines have undergone some major makeovers to be equipped to infiltrate the three factions…between ship and character design wise

Also has Earth space dock gets a makeover in which I like how there’s more activity on the inside also the outside as also gets a redone in a more realistic view of earth and it’s environment, with shuttles and starship activity as it either arrives or departs on it’s mission set…

In which your character fashionably gets accessories, that meaning… your Kits abilities slots redone, in where you could customized those abilities to suit your away mission types, in either it’s PVE, or PVP,  also the look in the tailoring of the kits look on the look that customizing fashionably  you ..


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