DOCTOR WHO | your very comfy phone pillow and tardis blanket ….

Given that you have a the tardis sticker decal on your front bedroom door then you’ll might love this… it’s a Tardis door telephone hatch pillow.. It’s about 16 inches square…  Which means it’ll give you lots of head rest room…. Orthough it doesn’t have that phone inside.  Looking at it, it’s seemed super comfy.

TARDIS throw blanket from

Also makes a good companion to the set is the Tardis Throw blanket.. It’s seeming quite warm and snugly as the most promenade bed spread on  your duvet…  orthough it’s polyester fleece, the fleece texture should be warm enough to trap warm air within its fibers…. Speaking of size its coverage is 50 by 59 inches… so it’ll encompass the whole single bed size..

Like to know more about where to get your Tardis pillow also its companion the Throw blanket.. From

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