ARCADE FASHION | your classic arcade wristwatch….

Given that you spend most of your time in the Arcades playing the classic games Asteroids, centipede, space invaders plus who wouldn’t forget Star Wars…. Then you might love this very retro arcade watch is for you, this cabinet watch is beautifully classically decorated as when you wear it also it makes a great desktop clock all too well..

You’ll notice that the time piece is differently, timed as the cursor type spaceship take place as the second hand, also the large and small rock take place as hours and minutes.. also when at night it has a firing red button where you could light the watch face up to read time in the dark.. also it makes a pew.. Pew noise too… The casing is made in stainless steel in which makes it durable.. also it’s leather strap.. also you don’t need quarters to operate you watch also…

Like to know more about your Galactic defender watch from….?

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