DOCTOR WHO | your very own timeless tardis ring..

Given that you like something timey wimy fashionable, then this might be the one for you….. It’s a tardis ring in which is done in solid gold in either in yellow or white gold…  The ring itself is beautifully unique crafted in the way to craft a ring like this you’ll need a complex mold in using 3D printing to craft out the cast  then apply the molten gold to be crafted..

Crafted by Paul Michael Designs , crafting in the both of 14 carat, the  white gold it brings out the refreshness of light from the arrays of princess cut diamonds and sapphire in which forms tardis panels in which as a round brilliant diamond which forms the lantern.. As for the yellow gold it’s will definitely warm you fingers up as the yellow light reflectively glow… Also it can be crafted in platinum aswell in which is durable than of gold which also is allergy resistance … there’s a unique feature Dalek crafted orbs in which surrounds the band of the ring..

As in the tardis ring it can be worn in two ways in either a ring or fashion into a timeless pendant in which with a moderate strong classic white gold chain or worn with a in either a blue or black ribbon necklace..  In which matches your everyday wardrobe… given the white gold it’ll match everything..

Also its best to note before ordering is to check in with your local jewellery store to check out you ring sizes..  Making sure the average sizes between winter and summer before ordering…

Like to know more about Paul Michael Designs collection also the tardis ring.. ?

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