STAR TREK ONLINE | season eight point five – new Starship spotlight –

In responding to the newly unrequired threat from the Voth and Iconians Starfleet and it’s Alliance   Solanae Dyson partners the Klingon’s also the Romulan have come up with their very unique Solanae advance Science Dyson inspired Starship with very interesting  featured capabilities.

As to the Starfleet command –Advance Science Destroyers

–          Montgomery Class

–          Omega class

–          Helios class

Klingon Defence force –KDF

–          Ta’Sub class

–          MoQ Class

–          Chontay Class

In present company the Romulan Star empire

–          Tyton class

–          Caprimul class

–          Harpia class

Like to know more of your Advance Dyson Science Destroyers between the Alliances, Starfleet, Klingon, Romulan..?

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