SIDESHOW |AUCKLAND NZL – Chinese lantern festival 2014

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This weekend in Auckland in celebrating Chinese New Year in Albert Park, right next, across the road of Auckland University…. The first night Thursday was getting everything ready for the weekend, the setting up of lanterns are from each different genre of Chinese legends, myths and New Zealand culture… Weather wise it was cloudy that Thursday night, but it didn’t stop people visiting the event’s exhibits itself.

Orthough, I went in very early orthough on the 13th and it was at 2200 hours in the very latest of nights, there wast meant to be food street side stalls and mechanizing from each different regions of Asia like found in Nathan Road in Hong Kong… but that food sampling starts on Friday… but that 13th night, Thursday was a very sneak peak of whats to come on festive Friday weekend…

The Chinese lantern festival festive located at Albert Park in Central Auckland right next to Auckland University between 13th to the 16th of February 2014.

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