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There’s been numerous Star trek web series in the making recently like the Star Trek Renegades that’s in post-production after they finish production last year of 2013, also there’s also as too is the Star Trek Continues..

In this series in the making it’s a story set in the alternative time line where in the J.J. Abrams Star Trek Universe, where the planet Vulcan is no longer there, devastated by the Nero incident…. Given its position in time is set somewhere in the later 23rd century. The story is centred around the lives of Crusher family and the crew of the USS Enterprise C..

In this the relocation of Vulcans to a resettlement planet of A’ren, also other multiple conflicts in the Beta Quadrant, in result within the conflict is a more concern note a weapon devastating that could render the usage of Starships travelling in Warp speed, there’s also conflicts with energy allocations, and trade blockades are set up in order to unbalance the control of within that sector.. Knowing that the federation always gets caught in between the conflict trying to wear the blue Bert…

It’s going to be interesting to see how the Alternative timeline in JJ Abrams verse pans out where how the this alternative universe change from the original prime timeline. There’s one thing thought the graphical artwork production is going to be impressive given that the artwork is done by Andrew Probert and the visual effects are done by Tobias Ritcher in creating the five episodes in this series…

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