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As season eight approaches for Doctor who in the airing in early mid fall this year of 2014 in the northern hemisphere…  also the new merchandising aswell.. This year we expect to see the 12th Doctor Action figure… in this we see Peter Capaldi’s Doctor still fashionably dressed in still in the attire as we left off in the final battle in a township city named Christmas on Trenzalore…. Still in the same attire we see without the bow tie, Matt Smith Doctor signature look… with it inheriting the same Sonic Screwdriver… I’m guessing, thinking that the next one, the second edition will have Capaldi’s signature look the black three piece  attire paying homage to the David, Matt, and also John Hurt’s War Doctor Look.. With the white top button done up…

The newly acquired action figures will be available in the month of march 2014..  also it be interesting to see if there’s a new TARDIS action figure with a new desktop theme with a new Sonic Screwdriver..

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