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“ your mind is the perfect prison”

Given that you’re into the matrix trilogy in which is directed by “The Wachowski family” in which the matrix created a cult following as to been given it’s very own MMORPG… Then you might want to try out ARA. It’s a science fiction thriller…. It also features a voice narrator Sean Conner, whom did the brilliantly voice in a Stardome production Jeff Wayne’s war of the worlds…

The premise from the looks of the trailer seeming looks like a relationship between a father and his daughter Sam…. In which he is trying to save from a very same situation like his late beloved wife…. In this Jason is still in a constant morning for his wife. But using and applying his experience skill sets as a biotech software engineer he is trying to save Sam…. In this world it looks seeming dark as presuming the location takes place in Auckland due to the Sky Tower barracks between slacks of buildings in the darken shadow city.. Within it is seems that there people in cryogenically in a sleep with the world Coma written on the clear display of torpedo like stasis chamber…  in which in the process he is looking for his own salvation..

At the moment ARA the movie is in post-Production, also will be release out in screening theatre calendar in year 2014… The film is written, directed by Dimi Nakov, also screenplayed by Dimi Nakov,Maryia Nakova, Emilia Demerdjieva and produced by Dimi Nakov, Graeme Cash, Jacqui Gilbert. The company whom produce ARA is produce by Zodiac Entertainment..

Like to know more about ARA the movie also on IDBM.COM… plus it’s socials on Facebook and Twitter… ?

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